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The Role of Sweet Corn to Boost Our Immune System

Our lockdown period is extended due to increased number of corona victims. This is the time we can take care of our health and adopt a proper fitness routine for overall wellbeing.

Pubilshed Date : June 16, 2023

Our lockdown period is extended due to increased number of corona victims. This is the time we can take care of our health and adopt a proper fitness routine for overall wellbeing. However, it is quite true that we can’t go outside so that we don’t become the fomite. So question is how to get the fresh grocery home delivery. Organic food stores in Delhi is your answer. And don’t forget to buy sweetcorn in your grocery list.

Sweet Corn: A Healthy and Delicious Superfood

Sweet corn or maize is one of the popular cereals in the world and a staple food in many countries. Its kernels are tender, delicious and eaten as a vegetable in many cuisines worldwide. In contrast to the traditional field corn, sweet corn crops are harvested while their corn-ears have just attained the milky stage. Because sweet corns are used in soups, snacks, vegetables, chats, and in many other forms, we are saying it superfood and recommending it a must for your fresh grocery home delivery in this quarantine period as well.

Not just delicious but loaded with nutrition

Being a superfood used in many forms of cooking or eating, sweet corn is full of nutritional values.

Here are the nutrition facts for 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of boiled yellow corn:

  • Calories:96
  • Water:73%
  • Protein:4 grams
  • Carbs:21 grams
  • Sugar:5 grams
  • Fiber:4 grams
  • Fat:5 grams

Health Benefits of Sweet Corn

This all time delicious meal is rich in phytochemicals and hence provides a protection against a number of chronic disease.

  • Prevent Haemorrhoids: The fiber content of one cup of corn amounts to 18.4% of the daily recommended amount. This aids in alleviating digestive problems such as constipation and hemorrhoids, as well as lowering the risk of colon cancer due to maize being a whole-grain.
  • Promote Growth: Sweet corn is rich in vitamin B constituents, especially thiamin and niacin. Thiamin is essential for maintaining nerve health and cognitive function. Niacin deficiency leads to pellagra; a disease characterized by diarrhea, dementia, and dermatitis that is commonly observed in malnourished individuals. It is also a good source of pantothenic acid, which is an essential vitamin for carbohydrate, protein, and lipid metabolism in the body.
  • Provide Essential Mineral: Phosphorus, along with magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, and copper are some of the essential nutrients that are found in all varieties of corn. It also contains trace minerals like selenium, which are difficult to find in most diets. Phosphorus is essential for regulating normal growth, bone health, and optimal kidney functioning. Magnesium is necessary for maintaining a normal heart rate and for increasing bone mineral density.

Apart from this sweet corn are also good for your eye, skin, and hair. A diabetic patient can also consume this vegetable guilt-free.

From all above points, it is clear that sweet corn is not just sweet, delicious, and fun food but can boost your immunity if cooked accordingly. Don’t miss it in your kitchen during this lockdown, especially when you are far from your favourite restaurants. And don’t worry to think from where to buy.

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