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Our ideology stems from a deep-rooted passion to add value to our customers’ lives by giving them a chance to sit back and enjoy the abundance of nature. We work with a global network of farmers at the grass root level, who grow farm-fresh, organic, and exotic products which are available on one single platform, Digi’s Fresh! We source premium imported produce from across the world, ranging from exotic fruits, groceries, vegetables, meat, and a variety of seafood, and it is all delivered to your doorstep, fresh as always! We offer highest quality meat and organic groceries that are ethically sourced from our organic farms and delivered to your doorstep. We are the most trusted online organic Grocery and Gourmet meat store in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Mumbai. We are organically certified and take pride in our organic farming, quality produce, hygienic supply chain-processing & storage. If you are looking for organic food that is not only healthy but tasteful, then order your favourite organic groceries and gourmet meat online from Digi's Fresh.

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My business journey began with a life-changing experience when I was a senior in school. I was struggling with obesity and kept wondering how to overcome it. Initially, it was difficult to adapt to a healthier diet on a regular basis, but I was determined and consistent to reach my fitness goals. The challenge was to actually find healthier food as it was not easily available in the market at the time. This prominent gap in the market motivated me to use my existing knowledge and experience to capitalise on this situation and fill the void.

Digvijay Singh.